Don’t even ask me how I got this far, because I don’t really know.


Wait, what? Somehow I've been here for quite a while now. And it's really shaped up to be quite the summer.

Mondays are usually universally pretty awful. After a long weekend, waking up at 7:30 and finding a cute outfit to wear to a long day of work sounds like way less fun than sleeping in and wearing pajamas all day.I expected this Monday to be a rough one, especially after such a fun weekend of seeing Swan Lake, eating the most delicious fries on […]

Halfway through. What? How have I been here for an entire month? The days are starting to race by without me even noticing it. This city never sleeps. Anyways, the intern life is starting to treat me a little better. Things are picking up at work, which means that I have more things to do and […]

I’ve been learning a lot while here. I know I keep saying it…but it’s true. If the scissors say “Touch and Die”…don’t touch them. If the cab is turning, he will probably not wait for you to cross first. Hustle. If the fabric store with the perfect shade of lining is already closed, you better […]

Well, today’s work day was short. I was let go at around 11:30 because the designers ran out of intern-y things for me to do. So, to fill up an unexpected free afternoon, I walked to the Met, which takes about an hour. I wondered around for a while, got a yummy treat at Dean & DeLuca […]

Well, you can’t win them all. Something that I’m quickly discovering is that not every day as a fashion design intern can be glamorous and sparkly and fun. On some days it rains. On some days it’s hot. On some days you really just can not do anything right. On some days you are asked to do things […]